American-Made PCBs Strengthen National Security


Did you know that our American defense and aerospace companies are having a difficult time sourcing their printed circuit boards domestically?

It’s true.


So many of our military PCB shops have disappeared, either through attrition or by a couple of large companies playing Pac-Man and assimilating and absorbing them.  What was once a stable of twenty defense and aerospace suppliers is now one big supplier, thus limiting the options of our military/aerospace OEMs.

Consider for a moment the seriousness of this situation.

Obviously, PCBs are the backbone of all electronics components.  Nothing electronic can be built without them.  If overseas suppliers decide to choke American supply, that means no electronic systems —none at all— can be developed stateside.


Without exaggeration, being capable of sourcing our own boards in the United States is an issue of national security.

It has not always been this way. 

In fact, we have a rich history of manufacturing our own parts, particularly those military and/or electronic.  This is the country that developed and built some of the most sophisticated defense weaponry the world has ever seen, from the Minuteman missiles to the Tomahawk to the Trident nuclear systems.

Who is going to build the weapons of the future. China?   Do you think that’s a good idea?  Does anyone?


Fifty years ago, the United States put a man on the moon, a technological feat that would have been considered outlandishly difficult just thirty years earlier.  How did we make such huge strides in such a short window of time? We did this by all working together:  A group of great American companies in one giant cooperative endeavor put those men on the moon.  That was a great time in America, when corporations selflessly joined forces in partnership to do one great thing.

And now, when do you realize that we have to rely on Russians to take our Astronauts to the Space Station on their Soyuz Rocket.  

Does that bother you?



Well, it bothers me. And that is why I am dedicated to making my company, Aurora Circuits, the strongest domestic PCB fabricator in the United States.  Our specific goal is to compete with offshore competition so that American tech companies, manufacturers, and military contract managers have an attractive viable alternative to east-Asian PCB suppliers.

We are completely upgrading our facility in Aurora, Illinois so we’re ready to handle all of our customers’ needs, whether they be (as in this case) defense aerospace, heavy copper boards, or metal-backed. Whatever your PCB needs we are working hard to offer a domestic onshore solution that makes business sense and supports the interests of the United States and her citizens. 

Renovation news is soon to follow.  Stay tuned!

3 Dec 2019