Newsletter: March 2020


Customers who for whatever reason want their boards built here in the U.S. scout around and find PCB fabricators that meet their needs.

OnShoring: Not Everything Has to Go Offshore

There are alternatives to sending all of your PCB orders offshore and that is to find some companies right here in the United States who can pretty much do what offshore companies can do.

There is a new trend in the PCB world called “Onshoring”, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Customers who for whatever reason want their boards built here in the U.S. scout around and find PCB fabricators that meet their needs.

There are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious right now being the tariffs, which are making China PCB prices much less competitive than they once were. So, the solution is to find an onshore supplier.

Another reason is convenience. It is certainly much easier to deal with a domestic PCB supplier than to go to the trouble of finding one in Asia. It is also much easier to find and work with one domestically. The advantages of dealing with the shop down the street are too many to list, and of course self-evident.

Then there is the matter of proprietary technology and products. Not just with the bare board but also with the technology that the board is going into. As everyone knows product protection patent laws do not seem to work very well in Asia.

Some people say that we have lost the ability to build boards in this country, not true. Some people say that we do not have all the technology that companies in other countries have, not true. And some people say that the ability to develop new technologies has been lost in this country, certainly not true. More PCB technology is being developed in the United States than ever before. Just go to Silicon Valley, or Chicago, or Southern California and you will see for yourself that none of these opinions are true. The printed circuit board fabrication capabilities in this country are still very much alive.

All you have to do is take a look around.


Punching Into the Future

Aurora Circuits has always strived to find new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and performance for our customer’s projects.  These new technologies have allowed us to be the PCB “go to” in the automotive, high power and LED industries, just to name a few.  We also continue to embrace our storied past and provide value to our customers on technologies that are tried and true.  For instance, our punch press capabilities are quite unique in the market as Aurora Circuits is one of the few domestic PCB shops that can still “punch and crunch” a high volume of circuit boards quickly and efficiently. 
Our experienced staff has over 75 combined years of tool refurbishment practice; if you have a tool that needs to be rehabbed, look no further as our team has the ability to give it a second life.  As many of you reading this with punch experience know, the tooling component is extremely costly–upkeep and proper storage are key to keeping your costs low and efficiency high.  If you have any questions on our punch press capability or have a project that you’d like us to quote, send us a message at

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20 Mar 2020

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