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As we all wonder when we will get back to “business as usual,” it appears that this way of life will be with us for a while. At Aurora Circuits we are doing everything we can to service our customers while keeping our own teammates safe as possible through these difficult times.


Please remember that besides our high technology PCBs like Heavy copper (up to 20 ounces) and thick film polymers, we are also one of the few domestic shops that can provide your single sided punched boards as well. Our vast experience with metal clad PCBs and hundreds of UL substrates has set us apart from our competition.  Just think of us as your domestic onshoring option. Current global circumstances have made locally produced goods more important than ever, so let’s work together towards a stronger North America.

The most important thing to remember about Aurora Circuits is that we have been doing this longer than most people, over 70 years! And our plan is to be here another 70 years … at least!

Through those years our customers have come to rely and count on us, and they have seldom, if ever, been disappointed.

Supply Chain Status:

Because we are deemed an “Essential Business” per the Governor of Illinois’s Executive Order, Aurora Circuits will remain open, actively serving our customers throughout this difficult time.  As noted in our recent status updates, we are maintaining our delivery schedules and our supply chain has remained intact. We will continue to provide weekly updates on our production capacity and overall company health throughout the coming months—we feel that it is our duty to continue serving the needs of our essential customers that make our country run.

A brief moment for fun:

We started building PCBs in the early 50’s here is what was happening in the world then:

  1. The U.S. announced the development of the Hydrogen Bomb
  2. Operation Magic Carpet concludes after transporting 45000 Yemen Jews to Israel
  3. “Guys and Dolls’ opens on Broadway
  4. Chuck Copper is the first African American drafted into the NBA (Boston Celtics)
  5. “Your Show of Shows” with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca premiers on T.V.

Meanwhile, we are working together through these trying times. But please remember that this too will pass, and the sun will shine again.

If you need anything when it comes to PCBs, give us a call. 


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