Press Release: Free PCBs for Ventilators


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: APRIL 17, 2020                                                  

Aurora Circuits Offers PCBs for Ventilators at No Cost

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer Wants To Do Their Part To Save Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients During the Current Pandemic 

Dr. Christopher Kalmus, President of Aurora Circuits, announced early today that Aurora Circuits will produce printed circuit boards for ventilator manufacturers at no cost.

To speed the manufacture of ventilators, organizations are invited to contact Aurora Circuits to start the process of acquiring circuit boards for the cost of shipping only.   

Dr. Kalmus commented, “We are in this fight together, and it is our duty as an American manufacturer to contribute to this effort battling this terrible disease.”  He has been associated with the printed circuit board industry for over 60 years and believes that this challenge needs to be met with “American ingenuity, spirit, and patriotism.”

 Dr. Kalmus went on to say, “We are willing and eager to join the front lines with our valued medical partners, and what better way than providing them with critical components as quickly and cost effectively as possible! The slowdown in the automotive industry, which is our primary customer base, has opened up capacity at our facility, and I have made it a priority to use this as an opportunity to put American innovation and resources to work.”

About Aurora Circuits

We’ve been making outstanding printed circuit boards in the USA for more than 80 years, so we know a thing or two about making great products. We are problem solvers, creative partners, cost reducers and quality mongers who love nothing more than bringing a new circuit board story to life.

For more detailed information on this statement, please contact us at or (630)978-3830.


Brian Zirlin
217-257-9497 |
2250 White Oak Circle | Aurora, Illinois 60502


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