Aurora is heating up and we’re not just talking about the June weather! Over the course of the last two months we have successfully rolled out 10 new “Hot Job” orders that have not only tested our manufacturing capabilities, but we have proven our ability to cut down our average lead time. These are exciting times and Aurora Circuits is at the forefront!

Message from the President

Exciting things are happening here at Aurora Circuits and we couldn’t be more proud of not only our staff, but the faith our clients have put in our capabilities.

Although it may seem like our industry has taken a huge hit over the past 10 years, here are the facts: Thirty years ago there were over fifteen hundred PCB manufacturers in the United States, controlling almost ninety percent of the world-wide PCB market.

All printed circuit board research, innovation and development came from here or Western Europe. We had this market in the palm of our hand—we owned it!

When our large American OEMs took a look at doing business with Mexico, it just wasn’t as appealing as they thought it would be; however, the concept of farming out production led them to start thinking about other places in the world where they might be able to manufacture their products, cheaply and efficiently. If not Mexico then where? And then it hit them: China. CEO’s, Presidents, Boards of major US corporations shouted and pressed, “They are our friends and they are open for business!” Let’s not forget the realization/salivation from our business leaders, as they opined for the untapped, inexpensive labor market in the hundreds of millions.

In the end, as we have come to realize these past few months, we have erred for decades, slowly raising an economic giant that is looking at us in the eye. And the result? Today there are fewer than two hundred PCB shops in the United States.

The exciting news? We are now starting to see a small glimmer of hope. We are seeing domestic growth and the IPC agrees. Onshoring is important and we are beginning to see that, now more than ever. Aurora Circuits has always strived to find new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and performance for our customer’s projects.


North American PCB Manufacturers are continuing to see a surge in demand for Domestic Manufacturing in the wake of COVID-19. IPC announced at the end of May, the April 2020 reports from their North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program.

They reported global PCB bookings in April of 2020 were up 19.9%, the strongest year-over-year growth in orders we have seen over the past two years. Total North American PCB shipments in April 2020 were up 4.3% compared to the same month last year.

Cool Stuff That’s Happening Soon

We love to keep things fresh and innovative here at Aurora Circuits and that’s exactly why we have spent so much time developing our Marketing and Customer Service Departments.

We have created a client centered column that is to be released once a month, starting this June! This one-on-one conversation style column between Chris Kalmus, our President, and Dan Beaulieu, PCB industry mogul, will cover industry trends, exciting innovations, and reinforces Aurora Circuits dedication to transparency.

Aurora Circuits Capabilities Spotlight

When other PCB shops are using etchants that are hard to control, our years of work with cupric chloride has made us master etchers.  So, drop the companies that use a “Etch A Sketch” you’re used to and come to the light. Aurora Circuits has the capacity and expertise to etch boards at a controlled level to meet your expectations.

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