Press Release: Aurora Circuits Acquires a state of the art 30µ AOI Machine


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FEB 22, 2021                                                  

Aurora Circuits Acquires a state of the art 30µ AOI Machine

Aurora IL: Dr. Chris Kalmus, PhD. (owner and president of Aurora Circuits) announced that his company has purchased and installed a brand new, state of the art AOI Machine. This automated optical inspection machine is just one of the many recent facility updates Aurora has implemented. 

“After weighing the alternatives, we came to the conclusion that this new AOI machine was absolutely the best option for us not only right now, but for the future planning of the company. As we continue our complete facility upgrade, our goal is to acquire the best technology available. During the past year we have steadily increased our capabilities and automation to the point where this equipment is but one of the keys to our capital budgeting. These are exciting times for us at Aurora. The future looks brighter than ever.” stated Dr. Kalmus when making the announcement. 

About Aurora Circuits

We have been manufacturing outstanding printed circuit boards in the USA for more than 80 years, so we know a thing or two about making great products. We are problem solvers, creative partners, cost reducers and quality mongers who love nothing more than bringing a new circuit board story to life. Aurora is the world’s leading producer of Ultra Heavy copper boards providing PCBs with over 20oz copper thicknesses. For more information go to:



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