There are many ways to not only save money but time as well. If you take the time to examine everything we do when it comes to providing our customers with better products and services you will always find a way to save time and yes sometimes, most of the time, money.

Even the way you package and ship your PCBs can make a difference.

Years ago, we were working on a project where the money was very tight. We were tasked by the customer to come up with ways to cut costs and save money. While some of us worked on the product and the processes it took to build that product to see if there were ways to save money. Others took a look and some of the non process elements like shipping to save money.

And yes, packaging and shipping can be a big part of non-essential costs of the product. We came up with the idea of re-usable boxes or containers if you will. We designed a box that could be shipped to the customer and then folded so that twelve of them would fit in one of the same boxes and returned to us to start the cycle over again.

Over time this developed into a much easier and efficient way to ship the boards and re-use the boxes. We also realized an overall savings of almost five percent (5%).

See it’s the little things that matter.

Think about what you’re doing every day. Analyze the time and money that has been wasted and then by trial and error, see what works. I guarantee it will be worth the time you spend doing this. And yes. Your customers will love you.