April Showers Bring May flowers??

The weather in Chicagoland this month has been challenging (snow one day, high 60’s the next) and we at Aurora Circuits understand the topsy-turvy world of our own “weather pattern”, the PCB market. Nothing seems to follow the traditional path as all suppliers face supply chain delays and outright order cancellations. Let’s hope that the rest of Q2 brings better weather and consistent material deliveries!

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The Aurora Circuits team is quite diverse in background and experience, from highly technical to geo-political, and like to comment on current PCB trends, economic challenges, and technical PCB advancements. You can read our recent blogs here.

Chris’s Corner

The President of Aurora Circuits, Dr. Chris Kalmus, has his very own “Chris’s Corner“, which covers a wide range of topics and, most importantly, is a conduit for Dr. Kalmus to bestow his vast knowledge of the industry onto new and veteran PCB colleagues.

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We also have all of our informational documents highlighting our capabilities, certifications and vertical markets served. We welcome you to check out these and many more resources at www.auroracircuits.com.

US Electronics Spotlight

Semiconductors & #chipsdontfloat

You know something has caught the nation’s zeitgeist/attention when overheard conversations at family gatherings and restaurants contain mentions of “chips”, “semiconductors” and “supply chain issues”, for starters. This isn’t hyperbole either. I think we can all admit that our insular sphere of electronics manufacturing has the ear and ire of many people in government, private industry, and the consuming public. When you can’t buy a car, order a new cell phone or get the parts needed to fix your refrigerator, people are going to start wondering about the root causes.

Semiconductors, due to the lack of supply, are causing many of the consumer and commercial product delays–their importance is now well known to most outside observers.  The CHIPS for America and FABS Acts have both been proposed and discussed in Congress to help bolster domestic production and innovation of semiconductors.  The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has been instrumental in shaping the key points in these respective pieces of legislation.  Let’s hope that SIA and Congress also realize and highlight the need for investment in PCB fabrication, component manufacturing, and domestic raw material supply/fab.  Chips need the base foundation to function; without the entire chain growing alongside semiconductor investment, we’ll only be solving a portion of the puzzle.

We wrote a recent blog on this very topic. Check it out here.

Technical PCB Advancements

A lot has changed over the past 80 years, but what hasn’t changed is Aurora Circuits dedication to remaining 100% American Made. With over 80 years of knowledge and experience to make your project a reality, we stand by our commitment to manufacture the highest quality products founded on expertise and innovation.