Designers: We Need to Talk

Working in a vacuum is never a preferred method when partnering with an outside service or customer. If we want to get things done correctly, we all must work together. I recently read an article by a long-time industry expert that said that only about 20% of data packages sent to PCB fab houses are complete. He also stated that 80% are not only incomplete but have errors, as well.

Remember, this data is all we have when quoting and assessing the DFM of your project. Any omission of necessary data or clarifying statements will suspend any further assessment of your project. The need to be agile and prompt in our duties does not preclude us from submitting/verifying data packages. We rely on engineers and designers to give us complete, clean data so we can build best boards possible.

As designs become more complex, it is more important now than ever that designers and their fab house talk to each other, developing a symbiotic and cooperative relationship. It is also imperative that shop capabilities are discussed before any cooperative endeavor to ensure the project is within the limits of the board house.

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