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What We’ve Been Up To:

With round one of the holidays behind us, there are still a few weeks left in the year to finish projects and time to construct plans for 2023. Our focus will remain in the heavy copper and lighting markets; however, our future plans include advanced packaging and chip carriers that can utilize heavy copper substrates or require high thermal conductivity. Along with our current webinar series, we will be introducing some PCB 101 “quick” webinars next year. 5-10 minutes of industry expertise that will be open to all. Stay tuned…

Webinar Incoming!

We all can appreciate the effort to reshore across a variety of industries in North America. At Aurora Circuits, specifically, we’ve seen an influx of RFQs and new potential customers looking for domestic PCB fabrication alternatives.  This led us to partner with ionDesign on our new webinar series, primarily focusing on the importance of communication between designer and fabricator.  We welcome you to register for the first webinar on Wednesday, December 7th, from 12pm-12:30PM CT/1-1:30PM ET here.We will conduct a high level overview of current design and fab trends along with best practices when designing and fabricating PCBs.  We hope you can join us.


IPC Spotlight

In the midst of a global recession and supply chain disruptions

The world economic system is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19 lockdowns, via supply chain disruptions and inflation numbers not seen in over forty years. As the IPC notes in their October update, “roughly 11% of business economists believe that the U.S. economy is already in recession. At the same time, the labor market continues to expand, adding over 250,000 new jobs in September and averaging over 450,000 new jobs each month over the last year.” As we have mentioned in previous blogs and newsletters, the economic turmoil today is due to variables never before seen in modern society. Across the globe, governments enacted shutdowns, quarantines and artificially stimulated their economies in the hopes of avoiding health and economic calamities. We can all agree that world economic engine is much more delicate and nuanced than many of us understood, creating an unpredictable economic future. The negative GDP numbers with the positive labor growth are demonstrative of the unknown consequences of governmental action. Hopefully, in the coming quarters we will see further manufacturing growth and unemployment stay at the current rates, if not lower.

A lot has changed over the past 70 years, but what hasn’t changed is Aurora Circuits dedication to remaining 100% American Made. With over 70 years of knowledge and experience to make your project a reality, we stand by our commitment to manufacture the highest quality products founded on expertise and innovation