Aurora is a leading heavy copper PCB fabricator since 2003. These are circuit boards with copper layer thicknesses up to 20 ounce copper, from prototypes to full scale production.

Aurora Circuits has been building PCBs with heavy copper since 2003 and has provided its customers with defect free boards on over 5 million+ parts and counting.  We have built boards using copper thicknesses from 4 ounce copper layers to 15 ounce on a regular production basis.  We are also capable of fabricating SS, NPTH, PTH and Multilayer types.  We have processed over 800 tons of 6 ounce and thicker product without any EPA concerns.

Copper has been defined in ounces per square foot of area on the process panel.  The thickness of the copper foil is based on 0.0014” per oz.  Copper weights of 4-5 ounce are made with electrodeposited copper (ED), UHC copper sheets are made with RA (rolled annealed) copper that must be treated to laminate to dielectrics used in fabrication.

You need to have the proper equipment and process capabilities (some of these are customer or Aurora proprietary) so you can fabricate a usable product that meet customer requirements. We start with a sample run to establish a feasible process and then scale up for production.  We also work with the customer or board designer to avoid potential design errors since understanding the requirements are essential to a high-quality design.  Once these guidelines are implemented in the design, scaling up for efficient full production.

Applications include circuit boards that need high current (up to 1300 amps peak and 400 amps continuous) and thermal dissipation like solar and wind power collection, aerospace/military, telecommunications, automotive and other applications.  Some products are automotive smart junction boxes, battery management systems, power supplies, inverters and converters, high power circuits that have MOSFETs, IGBTs and other high current components running hundreds of amps through the circuitry.

Currently, designs have been made for power distribution, power collection, battery powered transportation, EV charging systems and LED lighting.  Additional future use will depend on new applications needed in the marketplace. You also need a supplier that changes with the market to meet these specialized needs.

Aurora is ready to assist you in your heavy copper requirements.  All you need to do is contact us through our website at