If you need to get more wattage out of your PCBs and advanced substrates, why would you settle for 1-2W/mK when you can get close to with 380W/mK! This can be more effective than a solid copper coin design!

As things get heated due to increased speeds and current flow, Aurora Circuits can build your PCBs to remove heat and improve performance of the component. We worked with an automotive lighting customer and material supplier to create a copper pedestal under the component to keep it cool. We started building circuit boards using this technology in 2018 and have produced over 4.8 million of production product as it continues to increase with other lighting applications.

The pedestal is a solid copper post underneath the component’s thermal area on the base of the component. This is then soldered into place and the direct connection of the pedestal to the base copper gives you 380W/m K of thermal conductivity. The circuit board used in high intensity lighting applications is usually a copper base with a thermal dielectric and a copper circuit layer.

This pedestal process allows for a maximum transfer of heat without a thermal dielectric barrier in between was developed by Aurora Circuits for the aforementioned applications. Since the LED device had a requirement to be overdriven by a factor of 10-15X, this level of heat removal was necessary for the brightness and operational life of the LED.

The process involves the removal of the dielectric layer to permit building a copper pedestal directly to a copper base so that a direct connection can be made after soldering the component. Building this type of product requires special equipment and processes that most PCB shops do not have which would put them into a “no bid” situation.

This type of circuit board technology is already in high intensity LED lighting applications for automotive and theatre needs. In the future, we see high power and EV applications making use of this technology.

Aurora is ready to assist you in your heavy copper requirements. All you need to do is contact us at contact@auroracircuits.com or visit our website at www.auroracircuits.com.