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Collaboration Webinar Series:

Ultra-heavy Copper

What are the Advantages of Ultra-heavy Copper in PCBs?



  • Advantages and uses for Ultra-heavy Copper in the printed circuit board industry
  • Advancements of this technology
  • Key use cases
  • How Aurora Circuits collaborates with designers and engineers across the world on this technology



This is the first in a series of free collaboration webinars covering new technologies, processes and insights from our Aurora Circuits team and partners. 


Chris Kalmus PhD - Aurora Circuits

Chris Kalmus, PhD

Chris is a results-driven president with over 30 years of experience growing technology and manufacturing companies whose missions focus on quality enhancement and improvement. He develops programs with positive impact on the acquisition, revenue, and retention through aggressive demand generation programs, research and development, and heightened awareness of trends in manufacturing.

Steve Taylor

Thermal material and substrate PCB specialist. Steve has been a manufacturing representative for over 20 years and in that time has worked on several projects with Aurora Circuits. Steve currently owns her own company, Thermal Substrate Solution, LLC which he started in 2018.

Steve Taylor
John Holmquest - Aurora Circuits

John Holmquest

John Holmquest has worked at Aurora Circuits over 18 years and been involved with circuit board fabrication engineering and quality systems for over 40 years. He believes in knowing the customer’s expectations as well as the requirements in order to provide the best quality for a delivered product.

Thad Bartosz

Thad Bartosz is a well-skilled industry veteran with a broad product knowledge from single-sided to multilayer product using standard and specialized materials and processes. In his tenure at Aurora, he has worked to provide customers with a cost-competitive solution to their required printed circuit specifications.

Thad Bartosz - Aurora Circuits
John Holmquest - Aurora Circuits

Brian Zirlin

Leader of the sales, marketing, and sales enablement efforts at Aurora Circuits. Brian assists clients with numerous best practices, bridges the solution / need gap, and creates long-standing relationships based on service levels and commitment to client success.