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We understand the razor-thin margins, tight timelines, and the constant need for innovation that drives the success of the automotive industry in the United States.


  • Long-lasting dependability

  • Performance based on your tolerances

  • Vibration-proof durability

  • Designs that fit in the tightest of spaces

  • Cost-effective – competitive with overseas pricing

  • Fast turnaround

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Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some examples of our automotive PCB results:


PROBLEM: An automotive OEM had tried without success to use PCB suppliers in both Spain and Asia, and had trouble with both on all the important fronts (speed, quality, and delivery).  After these two failed attempts at offshoring, they decided to give onshoring with Aurora Circuits a try.

SOLUTION: This case involved complex, heavy copper PCBs that would perform within automotive tolerances and be delivered on a tight automotive schedule. We started by examining the bigger picture, and it quickly became obvious that a new slotting technique would produce a highly reliable design that could be produced in massive quantities without the long lead times.


  • New Slotting Technique
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Complex, Heavy Copper PCBs
  • Delivery On Tight Schedule

CHALLENGE: In late 2015, Aurora received an opportunity to quote a LED vanity mirror for a major, fully electric car manufacturer.  The initial design was a plated-through-hole version that was fairly sophisticated for the application, and it needed to be implemented fast.

SOLUTION: The engineering team at Aurora Circuits started with a design review, proposing a better design and implementation that reduced board complexity and cost from a 2-PCB per vehicle at $2.25 each to a single-sided common version at 90¢ each. The end result: a net savings for the manufacturer of more than $375,000 per model year and the implementation speed required. 


  • Design Review
  • Immediate And Long-Term Cost Savings
  • Required Components Reduction
  • Faster Implementation

These aren’t just our success stories – they are the manufacturers’.

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