For This Automotive Manufacturer, It Was All About Technique

Tough schedules and tight automotive standards meant we had to think outside the box on this project. Based on this automotive customer’s needs, we invented a slotting technique to make production quicker and more cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

The Takeaway

An example of the power of onshoring to get big orders filled fast without sacrificing quality


The Challenge

The OEM  was using a PCB supplier in Spain that was struggling to fill orders. Since the Spanish company was having issues on all the important fronts (speed, quality, and delivery), the customer decided to try sourcing boards from East Asia.

The Asian PCB source performed no better. There were still long lead times and crippling quality issues.



The Solution

So, the OEM decided to try onshoring and work with us. We started by examining the bigger picture, and it quickly became obvious that a new slotting technique would give the customer a design that would be highly reliable and that could be produced in massive quantities without the long lead times that are a natural part of working with PCB manufacturers halfway around the world.

This is just one example of Aurora Circuits coming through for our PCB automotive customers.  This case involved complex, heavy copper PCBs that would perform within automotive tolerances and be delivered on a tight automotive PCB schedule. 

If you have a heavy copper and/or automotive PCB project, let’s talk.