Meeting Aftermarket Demand

This major switch manufacturer was experiencing demand for an older switch that used to be produced in the millions.  These replacement aftermarket parts could only be manufactured by a PCB supplier who has a mix of capabilities that come from long market experience.

The Takeaway

Old doesn’t mean obsolete, and in this case, the huge demand for aftermarket parts could only be met stateside.


The Challenge

There is a theme in east-Asian PCB manufacturing, especially of specialty boards:  They may be cheaper, but quality and speed end up suffering.  

In this case, the PCB supplier was using an old tool that created a massive production defect mess.  They simply did not have the tools or knowledge to deliver a high-quality aftermarket board.



The Solution

We partnered with the switch manufacturer to get the aftermarket parts manufactured quickly without affecting the supply chain. We had both the experience and equipment to produce the switches. Specifically, we knew what to do with switches, tool refurbishment, and punch-pressing/de-paneling circuit boards.

And more specifically, we’re one of the last people in North America with press punch capability.  If you’re looking for an old-style board, chances are, we have the tools, and we’ve done a project like yours before.

If you want to manufacture aftermarket parts for products that are old (but not obsolete), let’s talk.