The Case of the Runaway Golf Carts

With the right PCB partner, design flaws are not necessarily a disaster.  This is an example of how we retrofitted a well-designed PCB to fit into a tight space and fix a critical problem in an existing product.

The Takeaway

A PCB we knew how to design to  fit into a tight space to fix an existing flawed part


The Challenge

A golf cart manufacturer found that their new, cutting-edge electronics solution had a major flaw:  Moisture made the carts impossible to control.  The manufacturer needed to retrofit a solution before someone decided to make a movie about the Night of the Living Golf Carts.

It wasn’t just rain; humidity made the carts drive like they had a mind of their own.  And, unfortunately, humidity and golf courses go hand-in-hand, so the golf carts had to be quarantined.


The Solution

We got to work to manufacture a humidity-resistant solution that would work with the current cart design.  We quickly designed and printed circuit boards that were swapped out in the current cart housing and restored the golf carts back to their operational glory.

Because our PCBs are made in the USA, we were able to produce and deliver a solution fast so the golf league duffers could roll the greens safely once again.

Do You Have a Not-So-Small Problem Fitting a Board into a Tight Space?