Shine On, You Crazy LED Bulb

Not only does this crazy light bulb design dissipate heat while achieving more omni-directional light, but the PCB is also a clever design element. When it comes to LED bulb heat sink we’ve got your back.

The LED Bulb heat sink Takeaway

A board of unusual shape, made for a heat-dissipating LED bulb


Circuit Bulb

The Challenge

LED bulbs circuits need a heat-sink to dissipate thermal energy, which means that LEDs are usually positioned such that light bulb shine in one direction. But what if you want a light bulb that shines out instead of just up for a more convincing bulb replacement?


The LED BULB Solution

This bulb was designed with PCBs in a blade- or fin-style to allow the mounted LED light bulb circuit to shine out for a well-rounded effect.  The PCB-LED bulb circuit mechanism was encased in a heat sink bulb that was filled with oil to keep the heat moving to the surface of the led bulb, where it could dissipate. 

The fins, bulbs, and liquid together managed heat distribution and electrical efficiency while keeping the light shining in all directions. The led bulbs design circuits design made for an illuminating LED bulb that could step in for its older incandescent cousins and keep the lights on for many years to come.


If you're looking for interesting ways to give LED Bulbs a brighter heat sinked future, let's talk.