When consistent supply must meet global demand

When the current supplier was not able to meet demand due to two-week-long production delays, the customer developed a supply-chain headache. Onshoring the project with Aurora Circuits meant the manufacturer’s production schedule could keep delivering without a hitch.

The Takeaway

Having a smart, nimble PCB shop means we’re ready for anything, including otherwise catastrophic supply chain hiccups. 

The Challenge

An international manufacturing conglomerate approached us for help with a supply chain difficulty:  their offshore supplier was not going to be able to deliver on orders for over two weeks.  The customer needed to avert disaster, so they contacted us.



The Solution

With our full production capabilities, we put a rapid-fire plan into place.  We shortened the material lead time, fast-tracked the engineering review, and ramped up production.  Over 1,500 panels were produced in less than 10 days.  

The customer’s schedule kept its consistent delivery rhythm, and the supply chain was preserved. 

Onshoring 10 to 15% of your PCB sourcing is a great way to avoid supply chain disasters.  If you see a blip on your supply chain’s event horizon and you’re looking for ways to avoid the black hole of backorder misery, let’s talk.

If you are looking for ways to avoid backorder misery, let’s talk.