When it comes down to it, big problems generally start with the small stuff. The things that are often overlooked because of their seemingly small role they play in the big picture. Well, we would argue that the same goes for our industry. Let say you’re out driving late at night and your headlights go out on your brand new car. Unfortunately, at the same time, a deer runs in front of your car and you never saw it coming. Some say this accident is fate, we say, it very well could have been a failed PCB within those headlights. Perhaps the manufacturer was the one to blame. 


Keep It Consistent.

Making the choice to go with a sound, reliable, manufacturer is incredibly important.  In fact, choosing the best PCB manufacturer can serve as an effective business partner all around. The goal should be to minimize turnaround time – without sacrificing quality.

Here at Aurora Circuits, we have processes in place to meet the PCB design requirements for nearly any circuit board or prototype. By adhering to our guidelines, we are able to significantly cut down on the risk of delays due to miscommunication or inconsistency. In our eyes, this isn’t only beneficial for us as the manufacturer, it also ensures that our customers receive their printed circuit boards in a timely manner, and that the PCB itself meets all requirements and expectations. 


Customer Service Is KEY.

Our customer service team is only a phone call away. Whether you have a quickturn in the works or simply want to go over a design idea with our experienced team, we are here for you. The right partner will do everything in their power to both promote results and ensure your product functions to the best of its ability.


Experience Is Everything. 

You wouldn’t higher a new employee into your company without first asking about their experience, or reviewing their resume – would you? Exactly! That is why it is important to know who you’re getting into business with. Companies who do successful work, want to showcase it. That is why we list case studies on our website, and encourage current customers to leave us an honest review.

We’ve been making outstanding printed circuit boards in the USA for more than 80 years, so we know a thing or two about making great products. We are problem solvers, creative partners, cost reducers, and obsessed with quality. We pride ourselves on our passion and dedication to bringing a new circuit board story to life.

We have built consistent, long-lasting relationships with some of the major automotive engineering companies, international manufacturing conglomerates, and LED manufacturers. Our experience is not limited to one specific industry, but we do take pride in our specialization in those industries. 


Interested in learning more about PCB and ways to make sure your designs have the highest manufacturability rate? We are here to help. Contact us at: customersupport@auroracircuits.com


Every printed circuit board is a story. Together, let’s create yours.